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Infant, Toddler & Pre School Rooms

 Infant Room
We share a room with the toddlers. We have an area with age appropriate toys and books that are available to the children at all times. We get many cuddles and one on one time in this environment. We have a separate rooms for children 0 – 12 months 12 months-3 years and 3 years to school age. 
Toddler Room 
We are starting to build a structured environment, we have some defined areas for play. We have many toys and open ended materials that are swapped out, or replenished each month. We always have a theme or area that we try to follow, activities are always extended not ended! The routine is set and followed by the children. 
Pre School Room 
We have defined spaces and centers in our room. We have a interactive smart board in our SW Location that we use throughout the day. We use this for interactive circle times, songs, and dance along songs. The children can play educational games, work on skills for school including interactive games for color matching, counting and pre printing skills. We offer a structured pre school program, with pre-prinitng skills, letter formation, number, letter and color recognition and sign language. We offer the quality of a pre school with the hours of a day care. 


Daily Play 
We plan our month with the interest of the children in mind. All of our activities and events are child led. We have free Fridays  these are days where we can do anything that the children have shown interest in during the week. Staff record and document daily songs, books, discussions, and activities. 
Culture Month
We look at a new and exciting culture every month. The children get to explore the new culture by way of books, pictures, songs, snacks, art activities and smart board activities. This is for all the children to experience. 
Please check out the lobby for our monthly planning calendars. 
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