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We look forward to spending the next few very important years with you and your family.
Our fun filled Program offers a loving and nurturing environment for your child to learn as they grow.We follow the lead of the child, while offering a full program, meeting all of the needs of the  whole child at each stage of development. We believe that all children should have opportunity to have experiences that encourage them to learn and grow. We embrace that each child learns, grows and develops at their own pace, therefore our program is very adaptable and we often work with professionals throughout the community to support children with special needs at our program. These professionals include Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Behavior Specialists.
Our Philosophy
Your child is the most important part of our day. We strive to offer a safe, loving, respectful environment. Your child has the greatest opportunity and environment to grow and develop in our center. We offer an enriching and supportive environment with endless possibilities for optimal development. Children need to feel comfortable in their environment in order to explore it. The program provides a positive learning environment. We encourage active learning to accommodate the  whole child’s development of self and the confidence that is needed to for further learning and skill building. The center provides a secure setting for social interactions. We believe that children learn through play and that will make play a big part of our day, because of this we offer a play based program. Play is the work of the child- the way in which they learn most easily, how they come to understand how the world around them works and how to gain control. Our content of programming is guided by the principle of developmentally appropriate practice. We embrace the view that each child is unique with an individual pattern timing of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. The center offers a hands on approach to learning. We as providers show respect for children by encouraging them to think for themselves, make decisions, work towards their own solutions and express their own ideas and feelings.
What Is Accreditation?
Alberta’s Child Care Accreditation Program was designed to improve the quality of child care in Alberta and to help parents choose child care that meets their needs.
Accreditation is available to licensed day care programs and contracted family day home agencies. It demonstrates how programs go beyond minimum requirements to meet higher standards
of care in delivering child care services.
High quality child care can positively influence your child’s development because children learn and grow best in programs that provide quality care
and activities. Accredited programs encourage the involvement of parents in the child care program.
 Why Choose an Accredited Center?
Our accredited program demonstrate our commitment to work in partnership with parents to meet your child’s specific needs. We are accountable to the implementation of policies and procedures governed by the The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Service.We as an Accredited program document your child’s development and stages of growth. We have an open door policy that is essential to our  practice, and your input and feedback are welcomed.  We have additional opportunities that are available to access workshops and other resources that support planning of activities specific to your child’s skill level and interests. Our Program with Accreditation has access to provincial government funding at enhanced rates to attract and retain qualified staff and to promote staff development. Our facility exceeds licensing standards.